DAKO ไม้ชักฟิวส์ (Hot Stick Tool)

For operating and closing disconnect switches and cutouts, and also for installing and removimg open-link fuse links.

  • Test to CNS 9576.C4370. 90kV per feet for 5 minutes.
  • Quick assemble, and easy to store these stics in PVC bag.
  • Stick is made of fiberglass, of diameter 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″
  • Surface finish makes bright yellow and orange color.
  • Switch and disconnect head is made of high strength bronze.
1-1/4″x8′8 ft.Yellow, Orange
1-1/4″x10′10 ft.Yellow, Orange
1-1/4″x12′12 ft.Yellow, Orange
1-1/4″x8′ + 1-1/2″x8′16 ft.Yellow, Orange
1-1/4″x8′ + 1-1/2″x10′18 ft.Yellow, Orange
1-1/4″x8′ + 1-1/2″x8′ + 1-1/2″x8′24 ft.Yellow, Orange
1-1/4″x12′ + 1-1/2″x12′24 ft.Yellow, Orange

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