B23 312-10J Electricity meter ยี่ห้อ JANITZA

Producer: Janitza

Model : B23 312-10J Electricity meter (3-phase) Digital 65 A MID

Technical data

Current range0.25 up to 65 A
Nominal voltage range220 up to 240 V AC
Reading typeEnergy consumption, AC voltage, Amperage, Active power
TypeB23 312-10J
Current (max.)
65 A
Current (min.)0.25 A
Current load65 A
Mains voltage (max.)240 V AC
Mains voltage (min.)220 V AC
Accuracy class1
Frequency50 – 60 Hz
Product typeElectricity meter (3-phase)

Energy counter B 23 312-10 J Highlights & Details

  • 3-phase
  • For direct measurement 65A
  • Modbus
  • This text is machine translated.


  • For DIN rail mounting 4 TE, 2 tariffs
  • RS485 interface
  • 2 x inputs to control the tariffs or the payment of external impulses
  • 2 x outputs can be used optionally as pulse outputs for active or reactive energy or as an alarm output
  • Pulse length: 10 – 990 ms
  • Connection cross-section measurement: 25 mm²
  • Voltage range: 3 x 220 – 240 AC
  • Temperature range: -40 + 70°C
  • No provision of energy meter readings
  • Counter is MID compliant.

Remote read-out with a higher-level PC