Plug-in Optional Modules for ATyS P

Use-for ATyS P only
Number of modules per device
A maximu of four modules can be fitted to each ATyS p, unless you are using either Ethernet communication module. In this case, you can connect up to 2 modules as well as the Ethernet communication module.

RS485 JBUS/MODBUS communication
  • RS485 link with JBUS/MODBUS protocol (speed up to 38400 bauds)
2 inputs – 2 outputs
  • 2 inputs and 2 outputs (programmable) on each module.
Ethernet communication
  • Ethernet link with MODBUS/TCP or JBUS/MODBUS RTU over TCP.
  • Embedded Ethernet Webserver software.
Ethernet communication with RS485 JBUS/MODBUS gateway
  • Ethernet link with MODBUS/TCP or JBUS/MODBUS RTU over TCP.
  • Connect 1 to 247 RS485 JBUS/MODBUS slaves
  • Embedded Ethernet Webserver software.
Analogue outputs
  • Allocate output to: 3I,In,3V,3U,F, ± ∑Ρ,±,∑Q, ∑S
Pulse output
  • 2 configurable pulse output (type,weight and duration) on ± kWh, ± kvarh and kVAh.
Description of accessoriesReference
RS485 MODBUS communication4825 0092
2 inputs – 2 outputs1599 2001
Ethernet communication (embedded Ethernet Webserver software)4825 0203
Ethernet communication + RS485 JBUS/MODBUS gateway (embedded Ethernet Webserver software)4825 0204
Analogue outputs4825 0093
Pulse outputs4825 0090