Enclosed-G3 Series-MW MEAN WELL-มีเวล


• No load power consumption <0.5 W (RS-15∼75)

•All using 105°C long life electrolytic capacitors

•Protections: Short circuit / Overload/Over voltage / Over Temp.(RS-15)

•Meet EMS EN50082-2/EN61000-6-2 heavy industry level (35∼150W)

•Withtand 300VAC surge input for 5 sec.

•High operating temperature up to 70°C

•Withstand 5Gvibration test

•Miniature size

•Long life and high reliability•LED indicator for power on

•Suitable for critical applications

•3 years warranty

∴General Specification (Please refer to www.meanwell.com for detail spec.)

Model No. RS-15 RS-25 RS-35 RS-50 RS-75 RS-100 RS-150
      RD-35 RD/ID/T/Q-50 RD/ID/T/Q-65 RD/ID/T/Q-85 RD / ID / T / Q-125
AC input voltage range 85~264vac,120~370VDC∼ 88~264VAC, 125~373VCD 115 / 230VAC by switch
AC inrush current (max.) Cold start,65A at 230VAC 30A at 230VAC 36A at 230VAC 33Av at 230VAC 40A at 230VAC
DC adjustment range ±10% by potentionmeter for single output; CH1-5%~+10% by potentiometer for multiple output
Overload protection >105%,hiccup mode 110%~180% 110%~150% hiccup mode, auto-recovery (150%~190% for RID-125-1205/2405)
Over voltage protection 115%~135%,shut off 115%~135% rated output voltge, hiccup mode, auto-recovert
Withstand voltage I/P – O/P : 3kVAC, I/P – O/P – FG: 0.5kVAC, 1 monte
Working temperatuae ­20~+70°C ­25~+70°C (refer to the derating curv for different models)
Vibration 10~500Hz, 5G 10min./1 cycle foriod for 60 min. each X, Y, Z axes
Safety standarards UL60950-1, TUV EN60950-1,CCC GB4943(RS-15,25,50 only) approved
EMC standards EN55032 class B,EN61000-3-2,3, EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11,EN61000-6-2 (EN50082-2) (35~150W); GB9254 for RS-15,25,50only
Connection Terminal block for input and output
Dimension(LxWxH)(mm) 62.5x51x28 78x51x28 99x82x36 99x97x36 129x97x38 159x97x38 199x98x38
Case No. 971A 931A 932A 905B 903 901C 902A
Packing 108pcs /15.0kg 60pcs/13.0kg 45pcs/19.5kg 45pcs/19.5lg 30pcs/13.3kg 24pcs/15.4kg 20pcs/15kg


◼ 15W – Single Output
Model No. Output Tol R&N Effi
RS-15-3.3 3.3V, 0~3.0A ±3% 80mV 72%
RS-15-5 5V, 0~3.0A ±2% 80mV 77%
RS-15-12 12V, 0~1.3A ±1% 120mV 81%
RS-15-15 15V, 0~1.0A ±1% 120mV 81%
RS-15-24 24V, 0~0.625A ±1% 200mV 82%
RS-15-48 48V, 0~0.313A ±1% 200mV 82%
 ◼25W – Single Output
Model No. Output Tol R&N Effi
RS-25-3.3 3.3V, 0~6.0A ±3% 80mV 73.5%
RS-25-5 5V, 0~5.0A ±2% 80mV 78.5%
RS-25-12 12V, 0~2.1A ±1% 120mV 81.5%
RS-25-15 15V, 0~1.7A ±1% 120mV 83.5%
RS-25-24 24V, 0~1.1A ±1% 120mV 86.0%
RS-25-48 48V, 0~0.57A ±1% 200mV 85.0%
 ◼35W – Single Output
Model No. Output Tol R&N Effi
RS-35-3.3 3.3V, 0~7.0A ±3% 80mV 76.5%
RS-35-5 5V, 0~7.0A ±2% 80mV 80.5%
RS-35-12 12V, 0~3.0A ±1% 120mV 84.5%
RS-35-15 15V, 0~2.4A ±1% 120mV 86.0%
RS-35-24 24V, 0~1.5A ±1% 120mV 88.0%
RS-35-48 48V, 0~0.8A ±1% 200mV 88.5%
 ◼50W – Single Output
Model No. Output Tol R&N Effi
RS-50-3.3 3.3V, 0~10A ±3% 80mV 78.0%
RS-50-5 5V, 0~10A ±2% 80mV 83.0%
RS-50-12 12V, 0~4.2A ±1% 120mV 84.5%
RS-50-15 15V, 0~3.4A ±1% 120mV 86.0%
RS-50-24 24V, 0~2.2A ±1% 120mV 88.0%
RS-50-48 48V, 0~1.1A ±1% 200mV 89.0%
 ◼75W – Single Output
Model No. Output Tol R&N Effi
RS-75-3.3 3.3V, 0~15A ±3% 80mV 75.0%
RS-75-5 5V, 0~12A ±2% 80mV 79.0%
RS-75-12 12V, 0~6.0A ±1% 120mV 84.5%
RS-75-15 15V, 0~5.0A ±1% 120mV 86.0%
RS-75-24 24V, 0~3.2A ±1% 120mV 88.5%
RS-75-48 48V, 0~1.6A ±1% 200mV 89.5%
 ◼100W – Single Output
Model No. Output Tol R&N Effi
RS-100-3.3 3.3V, 0~20A ±3% 80mV 74%
RS-100-5 5V, 0~16A ±2% 80mV 77%
RS-100-12 12V, 0~8.5A ±1% 120mV 81%
RS-100-15 15V, 0~7.0A ±1% 120mV 82%
RS-100-24 24V, 0~4.5A ±1% 120mV 84%
RS-100-48 48V, 0~2.3A ±1% 200mV 84%
 ◼100W – Single Output
Model No. Output Tol R&N Effi
RS-150-3.3 3.3V, 0~30A ±3% 80mV 74%
RS-150-5 5V, 0~26A ±2% 80mV 78%
RS-150-12 12V, 0~12.5A ±1% 120mV 83%
RS-150-15 15V, 0~10A ±1% 120mV 84%
RS-150-24 24V, 0~6.5A ±1% 120mV 86%
RS-150-48 48V, 0~3.3A ±1% 200mV 87%