Cable to Tape – Kumwell

Code No.Cable Size ( mm2 )Tape Size (mm)MaterialWeight
LCTT 70-25335-7025×3Copper Alloy0.264
LCTT 120-25395-12025×3Copper Alloy0.266
LCTT 70-25435-7025×4Copper Alloy0.276
LCTTT 120-25495-12025×4Copper Alloy0.292
LCTT 70-25635-7025×6Copper Alloy0.303
LCTT 120-25695-12025×6Copper Alloy0.319

Tested : IEC 62561-1
Application : Connect copper tape conductor with copper stranded or soild conductors
Material : Copper Alloy – BS EN 1982, Bolt – Brass

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