Category: หลอดไส้ (Incandescent)

หลอดไส้ (Incandescent)

หลอดไฟ OSRAM NAV-T 400 W E40

The Osram S40PT4 NAV-T Vialox is a 400W, tubular high pressure sodium lamp, with an E40 Edison Screw cap. It is suitable for dimming with conventional control gear and offers a 25% longer lamp life than standard lamps. It emits…


VIALOX NAV-T | High-pressure sodium vapor lamps for open and enclosed luminaires High Pressure Sodium lamp with clear tubular outer bulb  Product benefits High luminous efficacy Areas of application Streets Outdoor lighting Industrial installations Suitable for use in open and…

SYLVANIA Incandescent Lamp (หลอดไส้)

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