FUJI – Super Timer MS4S Series (MS4SA-AP)

Type MS4SAMS4SA-AP 100 – 240V AC
MS4SA-DL 48 – 127V DC
ContactTimed: 2PDT 5A
Timing rangeTotal 16 ranges
0.05 – 0.6s
0.1 – 1.2s
0.25 – 3s
0.05 – 6s
0.5 – 6 (s, min, h)
1 – 12 (s, min, h)
2.5 – 30 (s, min, h)
5 – 60 (s, min, h)
Socket *Surface mounting:

Product Description
· A short barrel size of 66.5 mm from the neck down: Multi-mode, ON delay, Instantaneously connected ON delay, OFF delay, star delta, repeat operation type all implemented in a short barrel size of 66.5 mm from the neck down.
· Direct reading timed graduation not requiring conversion to hexadecimal notation is adopted: by using a direct reading timed hexadecimal scale of 30 seconds (minutes) and 60 seconds (minute), it can be set easily (time specification from 0.05 seconds to 60 hours is supported by 1 unit) even without converting the time limit setting such as 56 minutes, 27 minutes to hexadecimal.
· Improved measures in respect of the wave distortion in the power source: Improved resistance to power source wave distortion by use of an inverter and the like.
· An AC free power source: AC100 to 240V sharing of the power source voltage achieved.
· Zero scale instantaneous operation function: When the time period setting is done using a zero scale, because instantaneous output is enabled, sequence checking is simplified.

Dimensions, mm