UMG 96-PA Power Analyzer ยี่ห้อ JANITZA


  • Modular design with Modbus gateway (TCP/IP) and optional Ethernet module
  • Comprehensive functions and versatile range of applications
  • Active energy class 0.2S

The universal measurement device UMG 96-PA is the multifunctional powerhouse from Janitza. The meter combines four functions in 1 module. The UMG 96-PA is suitable for energy management, MID meters, power quality monitoring and RCM monitoring. The technical possibilities and the color screen make this meter in combination with the 96x96mm front size unique in its class. The meter’s modular structure makes it easy to adjust to your wishes.

Modularly expanded with 2 analog inputs

Selectively as 0-20 mA analog inputs (eg DC measurement) or as RCM measurement input with cable break detection and additional temperature measurement.

Applications Janitza UMG 96-PA:

  • Energy monitoring according to IS050001
  • Consumption measurements (kWh) possibly according to MID
  • Determine capital scope and monitor insurance values
  • Power Quality monitoring
  • RCM monitoring (earth fault monitoring)
  • Monitoring DC networks (DC)

Features Janitza UMG 96-PA

Characteristics basic device UMG 96-PA:

  • Direct connection up to 690V CATIII in TN and TT systems
  • High resolution color screen with intuitive operation
  • Integrated scope function and line writer
  • 1 analogue output 0-20mA or 4-20mA
  • 3 digital inputs and 3 digital outputs
  • Serial RS485 Interface with Modbus RTU protocol

Features expansion module UMG 96-PA:

  • Ethernet IP Interface with Modbus TCP protocol
  • Ethernet gateway function
  • 4th current transformer input (for measurement in the neutral conductor)
  • Temperature measuring input PT100, PT1000, KTY83, KTY84
  • 2 analog inputs to use for
  • RCM measurement
  • DC measurement via 0-20mA, for example

High resolution full color screen

The Janitza UMG 96RM-PA is equipped with a full-color, high- resolution screen with intuitive operation. In addition to the visualization of the standard measured values, the harmonic analysis can also be seen via the color screen and the meter is provided with a ‘scoop function, which means that disturbances in the network can be found immediately.

Color screen functions:

  • Easy configuration through user-friendly user interface
  • Real-time visualization of all conceivable quantities
  • Vector diagram with real-time visualization of currents and voltages
  • Integrated consumption manager
  • Embedded line writer
  • Spectrum analyzer (harmonic analysis) for all currents and voltages
  • Scoop function for fast analysis of power quality
  • Status display inputs and outputs
  • Visual programming of the logical function