Zero Export Digital Meter Janitza UMG511

Power Quality Analyser

The UMG511 is intended for the measurement of
voltage quality according to EN61000-4-30 in the
building installation, to distributors, power switches and busbars.
Measurement voltages and measurement currents
must come from the same network.

The UMG511 is suitable for installation in stationary and weather-protected control panels. Conductive control panels must be earthed.

Areas of application

  • Continuous monitoring of the power quality
  • Harmonics analysis with power quality problems
  • Checking the internal supply network according to EN 61000-4-7, EN 6100-4-15, EN 61000-4-30
  • Fault analysis in case of problems with the energy supply
  • Documentation of the power quality for customers and regulatory authorities
  • Ethernet Gateway for subordinate measurement points
  • Report generator for power quality standards: EN 50160, IEE519, ITIC …
  • Report generator for energy consumptions
  • Energy Dashboard
  • Remote monitoring of critical processes