Miro Fuse-HRC Fuse

RC FUSE LINK gL-gG are used to protect overhead cabie line and installation lines from overloads and short circuits.
They are marked with gL according to VDE 0636/21 and they also comespond with gG according to IEC 269-2-1. HTC
fuse link are inserted into fuse bases by means of a handle or safety handle. Our HRC fuse link assure selectivity in the
proportion od rated currents 1:1.6. By using Hrc fuse links the danger of accidental touching of parts under voltage
is essentially reduced.

Technical Data NH-HRC Fuse Links gL-gG To DIN43620 Standard 500 Volts

Rated voltage UN : -500V,-690V,-1000V
Rated current IN : 6 – 1250A,6 – 400A,10 – 200A
Breaking cappacity I1 : 120 KA-cos;=0.2;
100 KA-cos;=0.2

Fusing characteristic gL-gG
Insulating class : C po VDE 0110
Stanfards,publication : IEC 269-2,VDE 0636,
DIN 13620,VDE 0680