MiCOM P143-Feeder relay-60TE-Panel mounting -24Inputs/14Outputs

MiCOM P14x

Feeder Overcurrent Protection Relays for complete

Feeder Management in transmission & distribution

Range of productMiCOM P14x
Device short nameP143
Relay applicationFeeder
Protection typeOvercurrent ANSI code: 50/51
Recloser ANSI code: 79
Breaker failure
Cold load pick-up
Earth fault ANSI code: 50G/51G
Directional earth fault
Lockout ANSI code: 86
Negative sequence overvoltage ANSI code: 47
Undervoltage ANSI code: 27
Overvoltage ANSI code: 59
Directional phase overcurrent
Rate of change of frequency ANSI code: 81R
Neutral voltage displacement ANSI code: 59N
Thermal overload protection ANSI code: 49RMS
Underfrequency ANSI code: 81L
Phase undercurrent ANSI code: 37
Earth fault wattmetric
Synchro-check ANSI code: 25
Restricted earth fault
Voltage-restrained overcurrent
Number of inputs5 current input CT…X/5 A and X/1 A
3…4 voltage
24 discrete
Number of outputs14 discrete
Communication port protocolIEC 60870-5-103
IEC 61850
Modbus RTU

Easergy MiCOM Px40

Fulfills the protection requirements for a wide market of utility and industrial application and offers a wide range of protection

functions. Any element in the utility and industrial network (line, transformer, generator, motor, busbar and circuit breaker),

from generation to transmission, can be protected by an Easergy MiCOM series 40 device.