MEG (More Effective Grounding) – Kumwell

Kumwell MEG is an alternate solution for effectively by modifying the soil surrounding the electrode.

In practically, to achieve the desired reduction in ground resistance by adding more grid conductors or ground rods is often impossible.

Soil Treatment is an effective solution to decrease ground resistance which is utilized to an advantage in poor conductive area such as rocky soil,

Kumwell MEG is ground enhancement materials in accordance with requirements of IEEE Standard 80-2000 with a resistivity of 0.01 Ω – m. MEG manufacturing is environmental-friendly, high reliability, quality, and long shelf life.

Code No.Weight / bag (lbs/kg.)
GRMEG-25 LBS25/11.5
GRMEG-55 LBS55/25

Tested : IEC 62561-7

Application :
-Reduce grounding resistance in critical area such as rocky soil, sandy oil with a resistivity of 0.01 Ω – m.
-Meet IEEE Standard 80-2000
-Require simple instruction manual and tools for installation
-Non toxic

Packing : 25 LBS and 55 LBS

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