“ENTES” EMK-01 Class A Quality Analyzer

EMK-01 quality analyzer provides measurement of electrical parameters according to EN 61000-4-30

Class A standard in LV and MV systems.

Class A quality analyzer monitors and analyzes the quality of energies on the distribution and

consumption side of the network according to EN 50160 in order to detect the problems in system.

  • Measurement of short term and long term flicker according to EN 61000-4-15 standard
  • Detection and record of transients (>25 us)
  • Detection and record of interruption and Sag&Swell events (>10 us)
  • Measurement up to 65th harmonics
  • Measurement of harmonics and inter-harmonics(VLN, VLL, I) according to EN 61000-4-7 standard
  • Active energy class 0.2
  • 40 kHz sampling frequency
  • 1 GB flash memory
  • l/O adjustable as 2 digital inputs/outputs
  • Temperature sensor