Digital Multi Meter รุ่น EPM-34-96 (MV) ยี่ห้อ ENTES

Measuring ParameterEPM-34
Ammeter (I)
Dual Demand (1st , 2nd Demand)
Network Type3 Phase 4 Wire / 3 Phase 3 Wire
Operating Voltage24-250VAC/DC
AccuracyClass 0.5
Current SupportCT…./5A and CT…./1A
Current Transformer Ratio1-1000 (5/5A-5000/5A or 1/1A-1000/1A)
Voltage Transformer RationN/A
Measurement Input VoltageN/A
Measurement Input Current50 mA-5000A (../5A) , 5mA – 1000A (…./1A)
Measurement Input FrequencyN/A
Demand Time Setting1-60minute , 1-60 sec (adjustable)
Degree of ProtectionIP-54
Dual Demand: 1st Demand is in term of munute2nd Demand is in term of seconds