ABB PSTX-The advanced range


The PSTX combines many years of research and product development with extensive Knowledge of application specafic requirements and is our latest advancement in moter control and protection and adds mew functionality and increased reliability.

  • Thee-phase contrlled
  • Graphical display with 15 languages for easy setup and operation
  • Opreational voltage:208-690 VAC
  • Built-in bypass for energy saving and easy installation
  • wide rated control Supply voltage:100-250 V,50/60 Hz
  • Built-in Modbus RTU for Montoring and control
  • PSTX rated operational current:30 to 1250 A (inside-delta: 2160 A)
  • Both in-line and inside-delta conection
  • Support for all major communication protocols
  • Coated circuit boards protecting from dust, moist and corrosive atmosphere
  • Analog output for measurement of current voltage,power factor etc.
  • Detachable Keypad rated IP66 (Type 1,4x,12)

  • Keyhole mounting for quick installation The PSTX is simple and quick to install using keyhole mounting, saving you valuable time during the installation.
  • A compact motor starting solution When your application reaches full speed, a bypass will reduce the softstarter’s energy consumption. It also reduces heat generation which means you can save money by reducing the need of added cooling equipment. On the PSTX, the bypass is built in and verified by ABB.
  • Clear markings on the front With the PSTX, you do not need a manual to handle control circuit connections. With the self-explanatory markings on the front you can verify that the connections are done right. And with basic data on the front, identification is simple without having to take the product down.

  • Easy to learn A large graphical display along with built-in assistants make learning how to handle the PSTX fun and simple. The interface resembles other interfaces from ABB which will streamline and help with training of field personnel.
  • Detachable The PSTX comes with a detachable keypad as standard. It can be placed on your panel door, meaning you do not have to interrupt your process in order to read status information or to change settings.
  • Customizable The PSTX has 15 pre-installed languages along with options to customize your own specific home screens (up to seven different). You can use your customized home screens to show status information important to your process – and hide information that is not.