ABB GENERAL PURIVES,ACS580,CATALOG Control panel options

Assistant control panel Set up the drive using the assistant control panel delivered as standard with all ACS580 drives. There is no need to Know any drive parameters,as the control panel helps to set up the essential settings quickly and ges the drive into action.

  • Drive setup with the primary settings menu including em-bedded assistants
  • Process monitoring with one glance at the control panel’s editable home view showing you the status of the drive and process
  • Drive maintenance with the help function providing con-text-sensitive guidance and troubleshooting instructions
  • Drive diagnostics under the diagnostics menu informing the user of the root cause.

Bluetooth panel

the optional Bluetooth panel enables connection with the Drivetune mobile app. the app is available for free on the Goodle play and the Apple App store.

Some of the Drivetune fcatures are:commissioning, troubleshooting,monitoring and controlling the drive. Drivetune also has full parameter access.